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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 12, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> thank you for watching "fox & friends first". it is wednesday december 12th. >> horror during the height of a shopping holiday season. a mass gunman terrorizing thousands of christmas shoppers as he went on a shooting rampage
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inside a mall in oregon. he killed two people and seriously injured another before he turned the gun on himself. confirm that the shooter is dead of an apparent self inflinthed gun sh-- inflicted g shot wounds. >> this cell phone video capturing the chaos and all of the fear inside the clacksmas town square small. >> i heard two more shots. i jump on the ground i am crawling toward the door. i heard this guy yell get on the ground get on the ground a couple times. i got up and i started running. >> flightening. many people ran from the gun fire. employees in a pet store huddled together with their dogs. >> go in the back and i get her in the cupboard.
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>> i was feeling really scared. >> something a child should not see. the mall remains closed today. >> top five stories making news at this hour. another fox news alert north korea defying world leaders launching a long range missile. the country calling it a success after several other failed attempts. part of the rocket fell in a the sea. leaders worry it will lead them to technology capability of delivering a nuclear war head. the u.s. security council is expected to hold a closed door meeting today on the launch. washington still not seeing eye to eye ton a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. they believe president obama will take the hikes. >> i am confident republicans would not old middle class taxes
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hostage to true to protect individuals. the administration looking to raise taxes on those more well off than others. while they want mow am al-jazeera and this one as they try to tfly to africa to join a terrorist group. they plan to vote wage violent jihad there. he is the former roommate of the leader of the ter rits group in some mill yaw who was recently added to the fbi most wanted terrorist list. president obama making a big announcement. the united states will recognize syrian rebels as representties of that country. >> we have made a decision the
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syrian opposition coalition is representative enough of the syrian population but consider them representatives of assyrian people in opposition to the regime. >> the u.s. providing weapons to the rebels there. 40,000 people in the country have been killed. >> albert king rushed donna summer public enemy hart and randy new man all next year answer inductees into throll ha. >> it goes to show you just when you think you know the hap of rock and roll it changes shape on you. this is really more than thrilling and something we never expected. >> for the first time in history the public was able to vote for their favorite. the induction ceremony will be held in april in los angeles.
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that's your 5@5:00. >> let's talk about what went on in michigan yesterday. governor rick snyder signing right to work laws that will significantly diminish the power of unions. they are not happy about it. peter doocy is live with us. >> workers in michigan can no longer be force to do pay union dues if they don't want to because michigan's legislature passed two bills and the governor signed the two bills into law to make michigan's america's 24th right to work state. and the governor rick snyder says it was not a politically driven decision. >> this legislation is about freedom to choose for workers. this isn't about a relationship between employers and at all. this is about the relation sip
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between unions and workers. >> union leaders lost a lot of power in michigan yesterday. while state bau americas were in the process of passing the right to work law union leaders and thousands of union workers protested outside of the capital building. it is a state that has been heavily influenced the uaw for decades but the cloud cries had no effect. >> it is official the governor of michigan is one greedy nerd and one weak geek. he when satisfied to giving thousands of jobs to china when he was on the board of gateway commuter. >> a small counter protest by the pro rights to work group americans for prosperity was targeted by some of the angrier
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union workers. americans for prosperity had a tent that was partially closed down. steven crowder was actually punched several times. this is an issue that means a lot to a lot of people at least three people were reportedly arrested during yesterday's sometimes out of control dem station. >> the fox news contributor will be on fox and friends later today. in the meantime let's keep about this theme and look at who is talking today. >> he is saying this is the right choice to the state according to unemployment numbers right to work verses nonright to work. this was 'tis take last night. >> it's a tough choice. i sympathize with the unions in a global economy when you have to compete on wages and other elements you can either have high wages with low employment or you can spread around the
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wealth. in the right to work states unemployment is 6.9 percent. >> it shows the right to work nonright to work states on unemployment. >> in the other states when they are nonright to work it's 8.7. so you can choose to have fewer workers who enjoy higher inflated unnatural if you like wages uncompetitive wages or have competitive wages and more people employed more people with the dignity of a job and less unemployment and more taxation and more activities. i think it's the right choice but i understand how it is a wrenching choice. >> diane macedo is looking at a closer look at the breakdown of the unemployment numbers. >> it is cold here in the northeast. >> a little quieter as far as
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temperatures go. another morning you are waking up to temperatures in the teens 20 in chicago current temperatures 20 in kansas city. it's not the actual temperatures that are bad or feel good. it's when you factor into wind gusts and make it feel much colder and many you to the west are below zero. it feels like below zero when you head out the door you need to bundle up across the west. 27 in el paso. across the country we are seeing temperatures above what is typical for this time of year. over in rapidsy is it warming up to 47 degrees 52 in tan kansas city and 58 degrees in dallas. quiet day across the country we have areas of rain across portions of the southeast we
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will have to deal with. now to stories you can bank on this morning. are you on the job hunt? lauren simonetti is here with good news. >> finally. right? >> more jobs are up for grabs. the labor department says u.s. employers advertise more jobs in october than in september or 3.68 million of them not only is that the most it is close to level before the recession. that means competition is weakening for the jobs that are available. 12.3 milli 12.3 million people are unemployed. average of 3.3 people are competing for each open job that is the lowest ratio in four years. >> we know the postal service is having trouble they are offering early buyouts. >> as they continue to down size as a result of losing billions of dollars. more than 24,000 unionized clerks and mechanics applied for a buyout with early retirement
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options. that's a small number considering 115,000 workers are eligible for the offer. they are looking for jobs by 2016. >> heather and i want to give you a christmas gift. you have a les of dos and don'ts. >> gift giving at working be very tricky. find out if your employer has a gift giving policy. the larger the company the more likely there is one. consider this. you want to stay within a common price range. you want to participate in joint gift giving. wrap your gift it makes a nice impression avoid joke gifts anything too personal too funny too sexy and just in case someone gets you a gift unexpectedly you want to keep a couple small items on hand. >> we have to return the gift we got her. >> i want to know what i got. >> i am really easy to buy for
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in case you were wonderling. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, we told you about steven krauter getting a nasty response when he was asked about right to work law. >> ep explains what happened when he was attacked outside of michigan's capitol building that's next. >> fighting the war, the war on christmas is forced to cancel a live nativity. we are going to check out the gas prices the new national average $3.32 that's down $0.01 from yesterday.
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>> the man who bought two rifles will be sentenced later today. the weapons were later tied to the federal government fast and furious operation. jamie avila faces up to 10 years in prison. gun rights advocates weapons are now legal in all 60 states. a federal appeals court shot down a ban on carrying concealed weapons on the state of illinois. lawmakers have 180 days it is time for another look at who is talking. we are going back to michigan and the controversy over the new right to work bill. protests yesterday turning vie lieutenant. a big demonstrator took to the streets in reaction to passage of the bill. >> fox news contributor steven
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crowd krauter found himself in the middle of all of this. he was attacked by a union member there. take a look at this. >> he was standing near the con sefb tive group. they had a tent there. they were there to support the right to work law. the at any time also targeted by angry union members. it was torn down by the protestors. he describes the incident to sean hannity. >> i went out there and leftists are saying i deserve the beating i got completely physically unprovoked. the reason for that i provoked it by asking them why they were against right to work. by asking them what about someone in michigan that might want to work for a company and might want to join a union. i asked a few people why are you
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for rigagainst right to work. they began tearing the tent down tearing it apart while people were doing this stop doing this that's when they got more violent. >> there are women in there and old people. >> were there women and old people in there. >> you can see a video a woman walking out as they are trampling on the tent. you can see her walking out from this. there were women and old people in there before hand as they started tearing it down. >> he will have more of the first hand account of what happened 6:45 later today. 18 minutes after the hour now. they have been raised for breaking the law. here's the yes, why is the lapd refuse to go hand them over to the feds for deportation? but it's a bird a plane and it is not super man. that is astroid 3 miles long about to pass. very dangerously close to the
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>> it is 21 after the hour. they are donating all of the advertising revenues for the rest of the year to the family of the nurse who committed suicide after the prank. that's 525,000 dollars. the thursday's family demanding a full investigation into her death. later today look at this, a massive astroid will buzz by the earth. the three mile wide rock will pass withinmiles. it doesn't pose a threat to our planet but it will be close enough so that you can see it in a telescope. you can watch it live on-line
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starting at 3:00 p.m. look at that, it's huge heather. >> ainsley, thank you so much. here's a question we ask ourselves from time to time. dr. keith ablow here. >> my sister never got over the death of her dog. it was ten years ago. listen to this. in the same span of time we have lost a grandmother and even a house to a flood but she is depressed about the blood not the other things. is that norm ar or not? >> i am going to say that's normal. the reason for that these are real relationships. people become bonded in extraordinary ways with their animals because this is real, real grief she needs help. she needs to learn to move on to other things. this is over represented. this is complicated grief she has to get over. by the way, i give people in my practice the book "blue dog" out of print but wildly available.
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it can transform people's grief. >> i am the owner of three dogs but sometimes people personalize the relationship with dogs a little too much, don't you think? >> i think some people use dogs to substitute for human relationships when they can have both. >> my >> i don't think either party is nuts. right now the gender identity issues are so complex they are best left for the professionals. my advice would be find the qualities you admire in your friend focus on those and leave her gender identity to her and her doctors. >> >> what do you think about this? move in next to your
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ex-boyfriend. crazy because you think you are doing it baulz it's a nice place. you are doing it because you can't let go. you want to be closer to the guy. you have a vixen false belief about why you are doing this. that's called a delusion. >> find more place. doctor thank you so much. send in your e-mails, your questions. he will tell you whether you are normal or not. it is 24 minutes after the hour. coming up next on "the rundown" it was sewed to be a community center. one year later it was all a mask kau raid. we went downtown to find out what was really going on with the ground zero mosque. the navy fighting a different war. the war on christmas. the navy swore to cancel the live nativity. we will tell you about that. " ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am ainsley earhardt. it is half past the hour. a fox news alert this morning witnesses say he stormed into a portland oregon mall shouting quote i am the shooter. new video showing all of the chaos. thousands of christmas shoppers tried to run to safety while that gunman who is running on a rampage. police say the man wearing body armor and camouflage killed two people before taking his own
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life. >> confirm the shooter is dead of an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound? by all accounts there's no rounds fired law enforcement. >> while many escape that others hunkered down in the back of the stores of the mall. scared plies at a pet store huddled together with their dogs. >> i heard two more shots. i juched on the ground i am crawling toward the door. i heard this guy yell get on the ground get on the ground a couple times. i got up and i just started running. that mall remains closed today. >> those are the top stories making news at this hour. he risked his life to stop america's number one enemy. again his family is concerned for his safety. dr. shaquille says he was recently tortured in a pakistani jail. he also says that he has not been allowed to have visitors since the month of september.
2:31 am
he was the cia informant who hunted down osama bin laden. weeks after the raid he was captured pakistani officials and sentenced to 33 years in prison. more rific details about the plane crash that killed jenni rivera and others. the plane plunged almost vertically from 28,000 feet and hit the ground in a nose-dive at a speed that may have exceeded 600 miles an hour. her body was found along with the 78-year-old pilot. >> any one convicted of drunk driving could be forced to put a breathalyzer system in their car. all states require locks be installed for first time offenders. it can prevent them from driving until they pass a breath test. the system is a best solution
2:32 am
for resisting drunk driving tests. 17 states require the devices for drunk driving. >> the lapd no longer handling illegal immigrants over to the feds for deportation. under a plan they will only honor the requests if an illegal immigrant is accused of a felony or if they are a dagang member. rights groups say it isn't enough to protect their rights. the change is expect to do kick in next month. >> listen to this one, the war on christmas forced to remove a holiday scene during a tree lighting ceremony after complaints of an atheist group. the group says it is biassed toward christianity and violates the constitution and threatens the security of the united states. the living nativity will be done at private religious observances at a capital instead. that is your 5@5:30.
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history made in michigan. governor rick snyder officially signing right to work laws that diminish the power of unions. doug luzader is life in washington for us. >> michigan makes it 24 there are 2 dozen right to work states across the country. michigan may be the most significant because of the historic role it played in the growth of union power just decade after decade. it did get ugly outside of the state capitol there in lansing. there were huge protests outside of the capitol building. at one point union supporters had a small counter protest. steven crauter was punched several times. michigan's republican governor told bill o'reilly last night that the new law was about worker's rights. >> this legislation is about freedom to choose for workers, bill. this isn't about the relationship between employers and unions at all. this is not about collective
2:34 am
bargaining at all. this is not about other basics e about organizing at all. this is about the relationship between unions and workers. >> democrats fear this could sway other big union states to follow suit. the incoming house minority leader in michigan slammed the governor. >> now it is official ladies and gentlemen the governor of michigan is one greedy nerd and he is one week geek. we are not going to take it ian more. he wasn't satisfied with out sourcing thousands of jobs while on the board of gateway computer, he wants to turn michigan into the same low wage environment we see in china. >> this may not be the final word. we could see legal challenges. but right to work advocates chalked up probably their most significant victory by adding michigan to their list. back to you guys. thank you, doug. these developments out of michigan the big talker this
2:35 am
morning as you saw the protests turning violent. >> evidences assaulted. the violence at the rally compared to that of the tea party rally. sean hannity and ann coulter are talking it. >> eerie time you look at wisconsin, you look at michigan, you look at the occupy movement, you look at the g-8, g 20 summits all these things it's the left and they are violent. >> it's in their nature. part of it is encouraged the double standard. you admit they are never held to account. where as republicans, i mean, they are constantly being watched and falsely accused of engaging in violence as you were saying. >> on europe list any time ann coulter speaks on a college campus. college campus with low sat scores the ivy league treated me like a dream.
2:36 am
>> little more respectful. >> it's the ones where they aren't smart enough to formulate a statement which feeds into why so much of the left behaves like a mob as i described in my book. it all goes back to the left birth in the french revolution. they are a mob movement. it is. it's hope and change we are going to man the bare kids and we demand change right now. republicans we make fun of it but republican congress are on the house floor with their pointers explaining if we do this the consequences and unintended results will be -- they are always now, we want it now. >> steven crauter will be appearing on "fox & friends"" to tell us about the incident. >> one year after the ground zero mosque opened the doors. the only thing happening there is prayer services. this mosque as you may recall
2:37 am
steps from ground zero and inside of that building dozens of 9-11 victims were found there. you may remember this, back in 2010 that became the site of a major battle and pitted backers of the mosque against families of the 9-11 victims. >> nationwide opposition to the mosque location close to the world trade center site smashinged by this guy. he was the public face of the mosque the same man who blamed u.s. policies for the attack on 9-11. then went further. >> united states has more muslim blood on its hands. >> mosque organizers planned to build an elaborate $100 million mega mosque. after opposition they altered their pitch. >> there will be cooking classes, there will be schools,
2:38 am
education, conferences. it will become a place where ideas can be exchanged, for tolerance and mutual respect. >> they promised it would be a community center cultural events an even a memorial to 9-11. standing outside today we see no signs of that. >> new yorkers feel duped. >> they are not upholding to what they said they are going to do so i would be questioning what their intentions are. >> hopefully something good comes out of it. especially everything that happened since 911. >> and de sullivan who spent weeks at ground zero and opposed the project says the tear down mosque is a victory. >> i think the project from the get go wasn't genuine. i thought it was all done under false pretenses. i feel very vindicated. >> muslims have a place to pray.
2:39 am
imperfectly fine with that. god bless them. but just come out honestly and say what you want it to be about. >> while we try to feepd out if there were any community events taking place nothing on the web site not for the past 6 months or the near future. we reached out to the mosque a few times and didn't get any type of a response. >> good update on the story. more on that on fox and friends later today. >> we need to get the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> we are seeing temperatures widespread in the 20s and 30s. over in new england single dig get temperatures. very chilly starting to feel more like winter should feel like this time of year in december. westbound chilly as well ahead of portions of the midwest. it's not so much the actual temperatures that make you feel bad it's the wind factored in with the cold temperatures. we have windchill temperatures below zero across portions of
2:40 am
the midwest. below zero in some of the areas bundle up across the midwest. high temperatures make it into the 40s among portions of the i 95 corridor. 43 for your high temperature. across the southeast a cool day as well. atlanta high temperature 60 degrees. we are still going to have to deal with showers and storms across southern portions of georgia carolinas and even into the state of florida. a quiet day across portions of the midwest. temperatures will make it above average for this time of year. 50s in other places. as we head west very unsettled. a new storm has arrived to produce rain and snow as far south to southern california. los angeles 61 degrees. a little cooler out there now. >> thank you so much. 20 minutes before the hour a frightening sight. several homes bursting into a ball of flames? almost at the same time. >> he almost lost his life fighting for our country.
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we give him and his family a special guest they ner expected. this bible changed the world. i'm kirk cameron. four hundred years ago our forefathers risked their lives to bring this bible to the shores of america. because it contained the principals for economic liberty, political liberty and religious freedom. the 1599 geneva bible. it was the first complete english translation, complete with chapters, numbered verses and 300,000 utterly unique study notes. it actually came out before the king james version and because the government didn't authorize it, it was outlawed. but it was a bible by the people, for the people, the book that built america. and now for the first time in 400 years it's available again in a beautiful
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>> 17 minutes before the hour. take a look at this incredible video here. an intern no raging for nearly an hour in west virginia. flames shooting 100 feet into the air after a gas line exploded there. nine homes completely destroyed or damaged. part of a highway melted. amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. your neighbor's over the top christmas decorations. this add add woman put up a ditto sign with an arrow that pointed to the house next door. now her measly 400 lights getting national attention and out shining her neighbor's winter wonderland. way to go.
2:45 am
>> thanks, heather. the holidays can be hard for everyone even harder for military families struggling to make ends meet. every year christmas decor family contests brings christmas cheer to dozens of military families. recently i got a chance to go to pittsburgh to help them sur prides the jackson family. >> hey, how are you? >> it didn't take long for us to learn what makes jeremy and his family so special. >> looking out for snipers that day so i did. binoculars i had them up like this looking up and there are buildings. i get this guy on the rooftop. he was going for underneath on the side of my arm. about an inch down it would have went plain through and i would have been finished off. >> so hard to see him where evidences. he is so much better now. >> it takes time. >> it does take time. >> the first surprise a limo
2:46 am
ride to their first destination in downtown pittsburgh. >> we are at the children's museum. let's get the family. come into the museum. >> while the jackson family explored the children's museum christmas dau koran a crew from elf entertainment is hard at work back at the jackson home. the next stop a private tour of heinz field. >> this is a droem come through for somebody like me to get in here and have a tour, a personal private tour. ♪ >> go team, go team, 1, 2, 3. go team. ♪ >> it means a lot. i am grateful for it for one.
2:47 am
it's something i never thought i could ever image in my life. i never thought i would be married, honestly didn't think i would make it home from iraq. i got lucky in a lot of ways. >> it is hard to top a visit to heinz field for diehard fans. but the biggest surprise was waiting for the jacksons when they got home. >> 3, 2, 1. (cheers) >> then we have a gift for mom and dad. >> kelly and jeremy from fox reached out to me told me you never had the opportunity to have a honeymoon. i am the director of marketing so we truly appreciate your service to the country. we want you to have a romantic weekend we are extending to you a two-night stay in our luxurious presidential suite. >> excited about the honeymoon? >> yeah, never had one. five years almost and no honeymoon. it's finally happening thank to this guy. >> before the day was over
2:48 am
jeremy had one more very important person to thank. >> the reason why i am here today and the only reason i am here is because of this man right here. he was with me the day i got shot and if it wasn't for him i probably wouldn't be here. so he is like my brother. (applause) >> everything that he went through it is good to see the community giving back to him. because he really did give so much to the country. >> i don't know what i would do without him. >> this is really awesome. ne know how many people are there to support you until they show up. like what they did here today. >> a lot of hard work went into makeli making all of that possible for the jackson family. we have additional companies we want to thanks for donating addition gnat items to the family. azazu spa, radio shake, leap frog. >> one of the producers doesn't want don't want to be named.
2:49 am
she knows who she is. >> amazing. 48 after the hour. still ahead hundreds of workers at one of the nation's busiest airports getting ready to go on strike just in time for the holidays. we know what men want when it comes to women. the most desirable women in the world are now revealed. we will tell you who these gals are. >> tell you who that is. brian kilmeade is up next to tell us what is coming up on "fox & friends." we are the most desirable women in your life. >> ill look at you two and i don't care about the top 5. i am looking at two of the most desirable women. >> all right, brian. what's happening on the show. enough. >> first tell you john boehner and barack obama doing these things. they are actually talking sometimes face to face sometimes via the telephone. is there real progress being done or are thwe set up to go o the fiscal cliff.
2:50 am
the right to work drama that took place in michigan oh suddenly you can vote whether or not you can vote whether or not you want to be in the union. it got one of our contributors a punch in the face. steven crowder got punched in the face. we will bring out the true story all coming out on "fox & friends." please wear the same thing you have on right now. add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores.
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rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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>> 7 minutes to the top of the hour. that would create a holiday nightmare for travelers if they walked off the job. those not in the union want better training and equipment. if they strike planes would be on ground causing delays at
2:54 am
destination cities. the odds are in jennifer lawrence' favor. voted the most desirable woman in the polls. the 22-year-old jumped from 4th spot from last year to take the crown. >> thank you so much. a battle is brewing in the state of michigan. rick davis find ago right to work bill into law. this one significantly diminishes the power of unions in that state. take a closer look at right to work states verses nonright to work states. heather joins us with more. >> thousands of angry demonstrators came out to protest as lawmakers made in michigan right to work state yesterday. they showed the state has a much better chance at job broet thanks to t-- job groept thanks to the move. the bureau of economic analysis shows when it comes to employment right to work states
2:55 am
have an advantage for conditions of the employment from 2001 nonfarm private sector payrolls increased 2.4 percent in right to work states while the decreased in nonright to work states. nonprivate sector employment increased 10.3 percent in nonright to work states while it increased in 9 percent in right to work states. even the latest data echos this friend in october 2012 the average unemployment right to work states was 6.9 percent verses 7.6 percent unemployment in nonright to work states. despite the numbers right to work laws and other anti-union measures lead to lower wages for workers across the board. that still beats the salary of a nonexistent am. we will be keeping an eye on
2:56 am
this one, heather to see how the economy reacts to the change. 5 minutes before the hour. still ahead mother nature damages one guy's home. even after the storm was gone he wasn't okay. >> talk about a slap in the face. we will talk about that coming up next.
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>> it is about the top of the hour as we look at the good, bad and ugly. first the good, crowning spire of one world trade center is finally in new york. once it is in place one world center will be the tallest building in the hemisphere. next the bad. a roof collapses in a middle of a interview. this man described how a tornado barrels over his home when his ceiling came crashing down. no one was hurt. the


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